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Do you experience problems with the proper functioning of your computer? Or maybe it will not start at all? If your case is similar, you need the expertise of a real specialist. We, at Magic Data Recovery Hollywood, are a company that deals with exactly that type of troubling computer malfunctions. Located in Hollywood CA, we have been providing a professional computer repair service for customers in the region, since 1992. Do not attempt to fix something as sophisticated as a computer on your own and contact us! We are qualified to do any kind of operation on your computer, including a computer data recovery service.

There are many reasons that can make your computer malfunction. Most of them are due to a software problem or something similar, such as a virus or an operation system that needs to be reinstalled. Our professionals are more than qualified to help you in such situations. They know how to handle software issues in a timely manner that will allow you to get back to your work in no time.

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Mike, the guy who runs the place is an excellent technician and treats his customers as if they are his number one client. He is modest, honest and very good at what he does. I looked around but chose them because of their top-notch certifications and prices. They don't nickle and dime you like most other vendors and they are extremely proficient. Since discovering them, they have saved me twice following disastrous, nearly back-to-back drive crashes. I trust them as people and as businessmen and I would not go anywhere else.

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sensitive dataThere is always the possibility that your problem is in your hardware. Regardless of the part that is malfunctioning, we can fix or replace it in order to restore your computer to its working condition. It does not matter if your capacitors have been burned or a mechanical hard drive failure has occurred. We have the means to help you. Our laptop and PC repair service is unmatched by anyone in the region and the computer data recovery that we can provide you with, gives almost 100% guaranteed results.

Repairing a malfunctioning laptop is an even trickier job. Laptops are much more difficult to repair and that is why you should not trust amateurs with this task. We, at Magic Data Recovery Hollywood, are experts in the field of laptop repair services. Our experienced professionals are highly qualified to deal with any problem you might be experiencing.

mother boardOur technicians are very well educated and experienced. They are certified engineers for both Cisco, Microsoft and Apple. That makes them the preferable choice for the specialists that will provide you with an outstanding computer repair service. To make things even more convenient, we offer our services at competitive rates that make them affordable for anyone who needs them. We also provide special discounts to seniors and students. Our service is reliable and professional, and countless customers already know that. Join them and contact us at the first sign of trouble!

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Regardless of how many fail-safes your systems possess, accidents happen and hard drives burn. When that happens, most people believe that it is an irreversible loss of data. However, that could not be further away from the truth. Our company specializes in providing a reliable data recovery service that gives results in 99% of the cases. It does not matter how bad your information was damaged, we utilize the latest methods and technology in order to restore it for you.

Magic Data Recovery Hollywood is a company that offers a computer repair service in Hollywood CA. We know how to communicate with your computer in order to bring it back on track. Once you see the results of your service, you will be completely satisfied. Contact us on (310) 844-6062 to make sure your computer is handled by qualified professionals!