About us

Magic Data Recovery Hollywood is a computer repair service provider located in Hollywood CA, that has been offering professional services in the region since 1992. We are a company with a lot of experience in the field of computer repairs. Our qualified employees know how to provide professional help for problems with personal computers, laptops and other multimedia devices. We are also very skilled in the field of data recovery. Our service has the capability to retrieve every last scrap of information from your otherwise dead hard drive.

To offer you an outstanding laptop repair service, we hire only well educated and experienced people to work as our employees. That way we can be certain that your problem will be solved in a professional and timely manner that will meet your expectations. To provide you with an impeccable service, we utilize the latest methods, equipment and software, available on the market. Trust in our expertise an you will be satisfied with the quality of our service!

If your computer dies on you, or you simply need maintenance and simple repair, Magic Data Recovery Hollywood is the right choice for you and your problems. Located in Hollywood CA, we can fix any computer malfunction and on top of that, our data recovery service is better than any other in the region. Contact us on (310) 844-6062 to ensure a high quality computer repair service for your PC or laptop!

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