Data Recovery

Data loss could happen to anyone. If you are located in Hollywood CA and your hard drive is malfunctioning in any way, Magic Data Recovery Hollywood is the company that can provide you with a reliable data recovery service. We also offer other services, such as laptop and PC repair. Our employees are some of the most qualified specialists in the field and that is what makes us the rational choice for your situation.

Data loss can be caused by different failures in your hard drive. These can be:

  • Logical – A logical failure occurs when your system gets corrupted or due to an accidental reformatting.
  • Mechanical – This is the case in which your hard drive is not functioning. In most cases, that is due to a spindle motor seizure or a read-write head crash.
  • Firmware – In a case of a firmware failure, the hard drive is mechanically fine. A simple procedure of tuning and reprogramming your firmware restores is back to its functioning condition.

Once we determine the problem of your hard drive, we can start the data recovery process. We utilize top grade recovery tools and different processes that took us years of investment and research to develop.

We are also capable of rebuilding your hard drive in case of a mechanical failure. Our dust-free clean room is the place where careful repair and analysis is taking place. Our custom made tools are specially designed to read and extract your data. That is why we are capable of giving you a data recovery service where others would fail. We also offer data erasure to a state beyond recovery.

If you need data recovery or any other computer repair service, Magic Data Recovery Hollywood is the company that can offer you reliable help. Located in the territory of Hollywood CA, we have the knowledge and resources to recover data that seemed lost forever. Contact us on (310) 844-6062 to have your precious information restored!